Making sure to choose the Bar Review course is by far the most important decision you will make on your journey to become a lawyer.

You will be a ton of time and energy studying with one, so it’s critical to find the one that fits how your learn, best.

The good news is – We’ve personally reviewed the top Bar exam review courses  out there so you don’t have to! The chart below compares all the best Bar courses against one another, in order to help you figure out which online course best fit your needs.

Last updated: 6/13/2017


Top 5 Bar Exam Prep Courses of 2017

Bar Prep
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COMPANYBarMaxKaplan Bar ReviewAdaptiBarThemis Bar ReviewBarBri
$999 Save 5%
$2,299 Save $400 

 N/A $1,695$1,400 – $3,895
 $999 $2,645 N/A$1,695$2,995
 $499 $1,495$395 Save $30 
Included in State CoursesIncluded in State Courses
 1580 Real MBE Questions 4,000 exam-like MBE Questions1,730  2,500 MBE Questions 2,000 MBE Questions
GUARANTEEMoney-Back GuaranteeMoney-Back GuaranteeMoney-Back GuaranteeFree Retake if you FailFree Retake if you Fail
FORMAT Online Comprehensive On-DemandOnline  Comprehensive On-Demand Live Online
FLASHCARDSNoMark$95 ExtraNoMarkNoMark
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BarMax (Rank: #1)

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Flexibility: BarMax is now also available online, and having access to an impressive number of books with the app makes this prep course the easiest to use for those with time constraints and are always on the go. Studying for the bar exam doesn’t have to be boring, and with this app you can do it on your iPhone or iPad at the beach or anywhere you please! You don’t need internet access to access the app and you can set your own schedule, instead of always being at the mercy of going to prep classes.
Price: At $1,000, BarMax Review’s comprehensive course price is a bargain compared to the rest of the industry. Included with Barmax’s course is lifetime access to their audio lectures from Harvard Law alumni, including the renowned Arthur Miller, corresponding black-letter law outlines, and incredibly helpful flashcards. The 1,500+ real multiple-choice questions (MBEs), real practice essays, real performance test (PT) questions, personalized writing revisions, analytics and customer support by phone, email and in-app message boards. This is an incredible value.
Study Planner: BarMax also gives you a recommended study calendar that will give you daily assignments and an overview of the material you’ll need to cover, including the amount you will need to study to stay on track. The calendar is realistic and will give you a study plan of 15-25 hours each week for a period of 12 weeks. The efficiency of Barmax’s Bar prep course is second to none. Also their lifetime access makes them an incredible option for students who want to start studying earlier— something we recommend for those with busy work schedules.
0% Financing: BarMax also offers 0% financing, so you can get immediate access to any BarMax course and split the purchase into much more feasible 3, 6 or 12 monthly payments. BarMax Bar prep also offers a public interest discount for students who are pursuing careers in public interest law.


Kaplan Bar Review (Rank: #2)


Fully Comprehensive: Kaplan’s Complete Bar Review Course has a large number of resources and is available in nearly every state. Students have access to unlimited essay grading (big plsu), live lectures (in-person, or live-online, and on-demand), full-length simulated exams with review (comparable difficulty to real exam), a final countdown study plan, and 4,000 exam-like MBE questions.
Structured Program: Their course has a straightforward outline that helps students stay focused and on schedule. The overall structure of Kaplan’s program includes about 7 days of MBE prep, as high as 36 days of comprehensive subject review (varies from state to state), 4-5 days of simulated exam prep for each part of your state’s exam, and around 2 weeks (varies by student) for a final countdown study plan with highly tailored assignments.
Flexibility: Not only does Kaplan provide their complete course in most states, but students may also attend course lectures either in-person or live online at the place of your choosing. Also, all students will have access to their 24/7 Online lecture Library where they can review the course lectures on-demand. They also have a mobile app and through it users can access some of their bar review course materials on the go.
Price: There’s nothing negative to say besides this is going to be one of the more expensive options depending on which state you plan on studying for, but as you can see it comes with a ton of material. Prices for the Complete Bar Review Course range anywhere from the more affordable $1,895 in some states, up to around $3,600 in others. So from a value perspective, I ranked it #2.


AdaptiBar (Rank: #3)


Legit Study Materials: All of AdaptiBar’s practice questions are licensed questions that have been released from past bar exams. By practicing with authentic MBE questions (instead of simulated questions written by test prep companies) you’ll be better prepared for the questions you will see on the actual MBE exam. AdaptiBar offers more than 1,700 MBE practice questions, giving students a lot of first-rate practice material at an affordable price.
Technology Adapts to You: AdaptiBar’s software automatically adapts questions to your ability level based on your performance. In the Practice Questions mode, students are presented with certain types of questions until they consistently perform well on that particular type. The Past Performance Table tracks how many questions have been answered and calculates the accuracy of your answers, so you’ll be able to target and improve on your weaker areas.
Restricted to MBE Exam: Students looking for a comprehensive review course to help them cover all the material on the bar exam will be disappointed, as AdaptiBar focuses exclusively on the MBE portion of the exam. As a result, AdaptiBar is most effective when used as a supplement to a more thorough review course.


Themis Bar Review (Rank: #4)


Price: Themis Bar Review provides a comprehensive course at a reasonable cost of $1,695 for every single state they’re eligible for. Included in this students get video lessons and quizzes for each subject on the exam, simulated exams, 2,500+ MBE practice questions, unlimited essay grading, and 24/7 customer support.
Efficient Learning Modules: Their video lectures are made up of shorter, more manageable 15-20 minute video segments. This helps students stay more engaged with their lessons and increases retention of what they study. Themis BAR review allows students to learn at their own pace and in a very manageable format.
Availability: Themis’s course is only available in 34 jurisdictions, so a large number of students won’t be able to take advantage of all the course brings. But, for the states they have a review for, students will receive a full course, tailored to their state bar.


Barbri (Rank: #5)


Comprehensive: Barbri Bar Review has been a big name in bar exam preparation for nearly 50 years. They provide an in-depth review which includes live-online or in-person lectures, a number of outlines, solid online study materials with progress tracking, a mobile app, simulated exams, several workbooks, and timely essay feedback.
Available in All States: What’s unique about Barbri is that they provide a full bar prep course for each and every state. This is extremely useful for students who would like to tackle a program that covers all they need to know, including the more state-specific material.
Price: Barbri prep may have the most experience with bar exam preparation, but there’s no getting around the price. If you thought Kaplan’s Bar Review was expensive, Barbri isn’t the course for you. No matter which state your studying for, Barbri is one of the most expensive options, with prices that range from $1,400 up to $3,895 depending what state you are preparing for.


Bar Exam Prep Course Information

Top Bar Prep Courses Strengths Practice Questions
BarMax Bar ReviewBest Overall Course1,580 Real MBE Questions
Kaplan Bar ReviewComprehensive Bar Exam Prep4,000 exam-like MBE Questions
Themis Bar ReviewEfficient Learning Modules 2,500 MBE Questions
BarBri Bar ReviewAvailable In All States2,000 MBE Questions
AdaptiBar Bar ReviewTechnology That Adapts To You1,730